Success is always theirs,
whose hearts have desire,
and actions are on fire.

Just a random thought


3 thoughts on “Success is alwa…

  1. a.h.richards

    This is very nice. It’s strong. It’s the kind of thing to put as a permanent message at the bottom of your emails as your signature. I’d love to re-blog this. If that’s okay, I want to reblog and link to your blog. Not sure how yet, but will figure out. I’m new-ish to all this myself. 🙂

    1. hckkid Post author

      Hi Richards, First of all for re blogging now you can probably see a “W” icon with “Press this” text written. Just added this as you mentioned. Also if you like my work I suggest you should follow be on WordPress using follow button or subscribe using your email. Humble Regards.

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