About me

Hello Friends …

A warm welcome to about me page of my blog .


Details of me :-

Name : Satyender Yadav

Job : Student

College : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

Dept. : Computer Science & Engg.

Hobbies : Creative Writing.

Contact info

Email : satyenderyadav4993@gmail.com

nick(at most places): hckkid (Remember it using hack kid, then remove space and ‘a’)

Anything Else

Yeah sure, reason i do not write enough is simply because as an engineering student of Comp Science I am generally outta time.
and most of my poems are generally composed and written within ~20 minutes.


14 thoughts on “About me

    1. hckkid Post author

      Thanks and Since i did visit your blog and found out that you wanna know whether you are a good thinker or not, also i believe you obviously wanna be a good thinker, i can’t say much about my other poems, but you try to find meaning of what i wrote in “What do you need”. I generally converts my feeling and thoughts into words, words which may not be so great but thoughts are, probably beyond your imagination.

  1. a.h.richards

    Thanks a lot for stopping at my blog. I’m glad you liked it.
    For someone doing an engineering degree and only writing in your spare time, you are doing very well! Keep up the good work. It’s hard to do even for the lucky ones who have lots of time to dedicate to it. May your spirit find words, always.

    1. hckkid Post author

      Thanks for saying so nice words. I am definitely having look at your post every once in a while, recently i was reading “Glittering” which i still haven’t finished. As soon as i finish i will surely leave my opinion.

      Let us all shine bright !

      1. hckkid Post author

        Oh dear, Akismet(WordPress’s anti spam software) seems to have gone made, it sent this message too as spam.

    1. hckkid Post author

      Computer Science and Poems are only things I am great at. Rest of my talent yet to be seen. It was real nice of you to stop by my blog dear.


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