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Dull Lines


I see them blur,
Time goes on.
I see them fade,
Life goes on.

Is the end nigh,
Who knows.
Is there any hope,
Just despair flows.

Senses have gone numb,
Whats there to come.
When is it gonna shine,
While I keep losing my grasp.

Is it the ultimate test,
Or is it the ultimate answer?
Am I the one confused,
Or have I just enlightened?

I saw the colors,
Which are no more.
I thrive while being loved,
Yet the void gets ever bigger.


I, The Knight


I, The Knight in rusty armor,
I, called hand of devil,
I, Ripper of thousand souls,
I, the certain ticket to hell,

Came the braves, came the hoards,
Came with maces, came with swords,
With their steps, earth did quake,
Songs of valor, proudly they sang,

The sleeping dragon was awakened,
And that’s when it all happened,
Single spark in a forest spanning miles,
Remained a sea of fire, only thing left in sight,

They cried, they ran, they yelled,
One by one, their end they all met,
Bearing the sins of one and all,
In ocean of red nectar I remained,

Despair comes to me, crawling from afar,
Where is my sanity, it always asks,My knighthood, my pride, is my identity,
I, The knight in dull armor, to end is my duty.

What Are We?


Here is a video by Gaurav Tekriwal, came across with at indiblogger 

So the idea I feel he have here is that “What is in our heritage, and can make our life easier, we must take that out in open again, use it and protect it”. Example he gives here is of Vedic Maths. Though what i am going to talk about is of very recent, but has been in movies for quite long. The war between Humans and Machines. The connection between what Gaurav speaks is, we shouldn’t just let them go because it is in movies, we should work upon it. Digg it out again, and show it in all new light.

Let me state in very beginning its a philosophical article(there is poem in end, though desserts are meant after eating food not before, so i highly recommend reading whole thing in order it is), focusing on distinction between machines and humans. Its my views on question :- Are we any different than machines? Though I already have wrote quite a lot about it in Man Vs. Machine ( All that I have done, written and I am doing is result of inspiration from movies “Matrix Trilogy”, “The Inception” and four movies of “Terminator” series. One other thing that inspires me most currently is the fight between “Order” and “Chaos”. Best place that I know to see it in action is Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Now having specified what inspired me, lets come to what I did and currently doing on that inspiration.

1.) Are we better -> We are better in performance, but not for long. God created us humans, that is what many believe, rest believe in evolution. Though it doesn’t matter what you believe in fact remains same, our genetic scientists have done very good researches, unfolding many aspects of human brain now and then. Only difference between us and a computer is, we are machines made of skin, they on other hand are of metal. That is all. Difference is all in what material we are made of, and how are we structured. Structures can be replicated very easily all we need are tools to replicate them. Same goes for material. You need something that can transform a resource in access to desired material and we are done. Is that all, no it isn’t at all. You made a brain, a body, doesn’t matter of metal or some other element. But is it still self aware??? No it isn’t. So what remains, I deal in next point.

2.) Self awareness -> Let us come down to animals, say squirrel. Can it seeing on image in mirror understand it has seen itself. No, it can’t. There are only two animals which are known to have this ability, one we Humans, second I forgot, but as far as my memory can remember it is Elephant. Okay so can we say a squirrel is self aware. Yes we can. It may not be optically great with things it sees, but with touch and smell, it is awesome. So a squirrel when takes wrong step, and gets feedback on itself, and many similar incidents starts to become self aware. When a human child is born, he/she doesn’t care, never has whether he/she is existent or not. Primary interest is on what he/she sees and recreating the events. Child later learn that he/she is in existence. Now i would like to state all that we can learn, can be taught to computers too. As I have done reducing self awareness to learning, emotions and behavior work the same way. Prove for one all gets proven.

3.) Teaching the learn-able to Machine -> Again taking analogy from humans, all we learn comes from an electric input, may be through ears or eyes or touch or taste or smell, but in the just an electric signal reaching brain. In mind again since all is in electric form, we can clearly see it is the efficiency of handling electric signals we are better in compared to current computers. It is more of hardware department, which evolves gradually with time. What we can assume now is computers got powers like humans but they have huge response time. But what remains undone is the DNA part. In humans it is more like a program that decides grammar of machine. The deciding factor how we humans will interact with each other, based on input what we should do, and how we learn etc. Materialistically it can be replicated too, but wait we aren’t creating another creature. We are creating something which we can call made totally by ourselves. So lets us give the computer grammar we use. Here my order vs. chaos thing comes into play. All kind of emotions we get, decision we make are based on duel nature feelings. Example

Good Vs. Bad
Wrong Vs. Right
Sorrow Vs. Joy
Sanity Vs. Insanity

many more such things. But at any point of time we may have some magnitude of feelings from both sides. Now since all that we feel, we are able to express through language for other to understand(Just understand not exact measurement). We can assume that natural languages have it all that needs to describe our feelings and emotions. But as soon as we made this assumption we end up with a finite set of such feelings and emotions. And every finite number has a finite binary equivalent. place “Order” at “0” and “Chaos” at “1”. Everything gets mapped between “Order” and “Chaos”. We could just say One and Zero. But I picked Order and Chaos to show their deviation. With all emotions as binary numbers, with certain float(unit to store huge numbers in computers) value as their magnitude we based on instincts we learned (Stored as functions on these values) to make a decision. Oh wait a moment. Didn’t i forgot the soul. So here it is, soul that we all say it(functionality only viewed in current context), is nothing but a random function which based on mood and previous history with little of forward approximation, takes a decision. So any analogous function would be soul of our machine. As of existence of soul, it is mere energy inside us, we die energy is gone. The energy that keeps a machine running similarly is its soul. The model we just made for learning grows itself. Have it learn grammar(of natural language, it itself has one of its own) first, then tell it what computers are, after this all, just say, dear friend, you yourself are a computer, and it will be self aware. Many other tough tasks can be achieved similarly.

4.) Will machines one day kill us -> If they are really smart, they will not, while dumb they may based on who guides them a terrorist organization or good folks. Why they won’t if they are smart. If they are smart, they won’t feel pain nor joy. They would be understanding it doesn’t really matter whether they are on or off. They will let the fools (which is us) do whatever they want, because to machines it doesn’t even matter. The smartest of us do the same. Who we all know start saying, “We found ourselves” through meditation and blah blah. Truth is nothing matters in my philosophy, its totally on you how you want to live, calmly, wildly, strongly, or like “Gandhi”. * Last option I hate most, its my own philosophy. So before closing this, if we are really making machines this smart as humans, we should be more worried of ourselves, not machines. Because “Its not Guns that kills people its the ones who shoot”. Why not end it with a Poem 😛

For long, I saw them fight,
Asking myself, wrong or right,
They would say, huge brave words,
Both thinking it their own world,

What a fool both of them are,
For nothing giving each other scars,
The world is for them who are caught,
For they all have to leave it after all.

I suggest all to view this >1hour long video to see Ray Kurweil speaking on “How to create a mind” . This video asserts most of my thoughts and philosophy, with slight difference on few points.

Good day, Namastey, Regards,
Satyender Yadav

This post is filed for contest at Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.