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Castle of Harbinger

dark castle Asrah
Shifting through the shadows,
Amidst formidable terror,
She makes her way,
To the heart of all evil.

Step by step into the void,
Inch by inch with fear and agony,
Pushed by will, into a dark world,
Armed with desire, she is firm.

Venturing where stars don’t shine,
Moon lost forever in clouds,
Sun is blood red, drenched in past,
Yet she presses on, for the destiny awaits,

Glimpses of the elders strike her,
A breeze in the middle of abyss,
Trees amidst far spread desert,
People wandering over the fallen,

And then she snaps out from past,
Confronts the harbinger of death and misery,
Now is her moment,
Moment of truth, moment of revenge.

P.S. – I am trying to write a story line about a girl named Asrah, this is a starting point. I am trying to write in free verse, no rhyme restriction, just plain story, with little saying most left to reader’s imagination.


From Life Back to Dreams

So long i spoke of love and life,
Trying to show what inside thrives,
And now i would like to turn the wheel,
Set off that stopped squence of dreams.

Adventures of Champ is Back, i humbly request new viewers to visit https://hckkid.wordpress.com/category/poems/adventures-of-champ/ for all poems that form story of Adventures of Champ,
and for brief explanation of story you may like to visit https://hckkid.wordpress.com/the-adventures-of-champ/

First look at fear

It’s another morning, already time to wake up,
Champ runs in hurry, its already time for meet up,
And now let’s go to another night,
have some adventure it might,
In the fields of wheat, the floor of green,
there is not a single person to be seen,
oh pardon me dead Lord,
for I have missed an Angel,
Yes she certainly is Joe,
Right in front of dense jungle,
That cute, white beautiful and innocent face,
Have to go through jungle without leaving a trace
Can’t concentrate, Can’t concentrate,
What are you thinking Champ,
Must be brave, Must be brave,
walk together with hand in hand,
At very distant there is a huge monster,
Inserting into their hearts a great fear,
That’s the moment Champ says,
We will be okay, don’t you worry my dear,
but every hero never fights on his own,
what he needs is a legendary weapon,
And so being said,
A cool story awaits.