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In The Despair

Lost days,
Missed weeks,
Past months,
What are you waiting for?

Gloomy heart,
Frozen hands,
Static mind,
What is this rigidity for?

Hollow words,
Grimed smiles,
Fake laughs,
What is this deception for?

Empty eyes,
Prolonged silence,
Lost awareness,
What is this emptiness for?

Wake up from dreams,
Walk up to reality,
Come out from the darkness,
O warrior of eternal light.


The Way I Am

Way I Am

Come to me, I have a world to show,
Come to me, Before the lights turn off,
Come to me, I am going to fall,
Come to me, I wanna hear you call,

Come to me, Taste the flames of love,
Come to me, Feels the shakes of luck,
Come to me, Fear is taking hold,
Come to me, Before my tears fall,

I forgot, I can’t cry anymore,
I forgot, I can’t ask you more,
I forgot, I am down in hell,
I forgot, You are up in space,

I forgot, I once ran off,
I forgot, You once stood alone,
I forgot, What I asked myself,
I forgot, What I have to save,

Forgive me, I am so afraid,
Forgive me, I got carried away,
Forgive me, I broke your faith,
Forgive me, For this is the way I am.

* Image Source http://www.listofimages.com/bridge-man-fog-dark-3d.html

Wet Eyes with Fire in Heart


In the very dark night, of the lonely moon,
May be there was something, about to happen soon,
Standing in the balcony, I was as if a fool,
For me to recover, there seemed not any tool,
Ask me, why o why, if that doesn’t hurt,
There are wet eyes, with a fire in my heart,
Truth is only thing, that i ever fought for,
It didn’t matter how hard lies did lure,
Was it worth fighting, Is it still?
Never did i knew, No one ever will.
But i had a faith, in a stormy carnivore desert,
So there are wet eyes, with a fire in my heart,
Ask me if you dare, who am i to say so,
But its quite a tale, will force you to also,
Oh yeah life is quite a bitch,
Yet what a glorious gift,
As its always on you,
whether to fall, or to lift,
I would like to say bye, if you have all heard,
There are wet eyes, with a fire in my heart.


There i stand all alone,
Froze just like a stone,
Helpless like broken egg,
Fear in eyes like a hare,
Moaning quitely in my heart,
Without a wound i am hurt,
All inside filled with darkness,
No stars no moon just emptiness,
All that was in front faded away,
Without light, not a single ray,
Far far existing this desert,
Not a single spot without dirt,
All inside isn’t good if not evil,
None is here, nor God, nor Devil,
There was so much beauty and light,
Suddenly all went, i couldn’t even fight,
Fight for what i dreamt, what’s worth,
Wait a moment, was it at all of any worth,
Worth i had it all, had it been,
Must i feel things, i have seen,
Feel an often continuous tremblings,
With few sudden severe shiverings,
Off me when it all release its hold,
I moan inside myself, remaining cold,
With my whole mind bumping around,
And my soul not feeling so sound,
So what to suggest such a loser,
O wait i hear, i hear a buzzer,
You see things way you learnt,
You see only coal if paper burnt,
Where are the words on that piece,
Lets think of it with very ease,
Those words written on what is burnt,
Was an experience of quite a hunt,
Hunt of a key, key to reason us all,
Should we rise high, or must we fall,
No there is no such story, but do you see,
Neither there was such paper i ever knew,
All i know is of what if it were and burnt,
And from that, what we might have learnt,
All this light, this dark, isn’t it illusion,
Is it nothing but mere one own construction,
What is true, what is false, who knows,
But fix one, and see how our logic goes,
It would be nothing. but all purely mechanical,
Is this all, yeah this seems quite philosophical,
I presume yes, with true and false, comes right wrong,
So comes good and bad, what to leave, what take along,
But lets put aside the conclusion to make,
There are few, my attention who always take,
Ones i love, ones i care for, ones i am alive for,
One day few would want me, knocking at my door,
But i might be far gone, to answer anyone,
Unable to stop falling tears of a dear one,
But who am i? What do i know of future?
I am a child who thinks he is quite mature,
Day by day, thoughts take all of my mind,
They attack like dogs, none of them kind,
Having said so much, don’t i seem full of negativity,
Isn’t it totally on you what you take as positivity,
I am mere a messenger, nothing more, nothing less,
What i feel, i write, you can’t see it in my face,
But you can in my eyes, yes my dark and wet eyes,
There might be cover on them, but there are no lies,
More you can move on to my very little heart,
Its all pure, it sure doesn’t have any dirt,
I value things, and i do value all humans,
What i don’t is value things over persons,
Mostly that person happens to be someone else,
Yet few times it all turns out be me myself,
Right now i left all my goodness to my beloved,
Yet i feel so haevy, too much i feel stuffed,
So heavy yet, i keep walking, walking and thinking,
Because there is something that keep us all moving,
That makes us move, when we leave all that was our,
That gives us a push, a push in that darkest hour,
I don’t know what it is, that comes to us in need,
All I know is I can feel it inside, yes I do feel,
It asks me not to think whats good what bad,
It only asks me not to get hurt and be sad,
It says to move on you don’t need the strength,
Need is of just a will, keeping up your health,
Then just act, wherever it goes, you just have to,
On the brink of success tiresome will catch you,
You will find temptations there, all flowing in,
Open your eyes, you are there, if only can be seen,
Can be seen that you reached the ultimate goal,
You have now something to calm your own soul,
Now rise, rise high, very high, will you please?
Don’t you ever ever come back on your knees,
Let the thunder come, let the storm come,
Walking in a desert, let the bright sun come,
Amidst roaring sea, let the heavy rain come,
In wild forest, let night without moon come,
Speeding on life’s track, let strong winds come,
In all your injuries on heart, let the fear come,
When all these come, you don’t make a stop,
What you keep holding, don’t you now drop,
Hit all the troubles hard with their weapon,
For iron cuts iron and diamond cuts diamond,
They will be soon gone, awaiting to make return,
You always welcome them, they will immideatly turn,
Turn to where they all came from, their hiding,
To do so, you don’t need any special training,
All you do now is just act, have will and rise,
Thou shall rise, thou will rise, thou must rise.

All Alone

You are sleeping nice and cool all the night,
And I lay down, hurt so bad as if lost a fight,
Its time of dreams for all those who are asleep,
Then why is it time of silent screams and i leap,
I leap because i feel an immense fire inside me,
Which keeps on growing, as if its only to kill me,
So what is it that one does when on internal fire,
Keeps drinking and calming lying to self as a liar,
To bury all thoughts inside heart i keep carving cave,
Knowing that one day they will hit me in my own face,
Seems as if i had been for my whole life in hangover,
Because in my own eyes I feel nothing more than loser.

A friendly talk

I went into the garden and started moving on swing,
Suddenly a tall tree in front of me gave me a wink.
Me: Here i am sitting with all that was mine i made begone,
And swinging around on this swing, i am left all alone.
Tree: True that you are alone, so am i for years here,
But now are we two alone, when we both are in this together.
Me: Your words are quite true, and you say very wise,
But i want to cry, but i can’t even when i have eyes.
Tree: Yes you want to cry, i cry too, but its not about eyes,
What cries is inside you, its not eyes thay cry, your soul is.
Me: But it knew, it was good, but why it lead me here,
It should have overpowered back, now to go i have nowhere.
Tree: True it led you here, to go you don’t have anywhere,
But had been other way, could you see what’s inside there,
You could have become the greatest, tall with ego just like me,
And the inner soul the purest, you wouldn’t ever be able to see.
Me: So what, what can i do, know i have seen it,
What i possible could do, i have already did,
I had all my goodness, that i already gifted,
But why am i here, why am i not yet lifted.
Tree: You are wrong, you have been greedy,
You could have given much more, if been steady,
You kept 3 things for yourself, out of greed,
And 3 words will haunt you, because of your deed.
Me: Tell me, how without them i could have survived,
Whats point in someone mourning over, with me died,
If i had been greedy in keeping these little three,
I must be greedy to lose all to make my love free.
Tree: Truth you speak, and made me silent, oh dear, oh dear,
I can’t calm you boy, its your loss what i fear, i do fear.