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In The Despair

Lost days,
Missed weeks,
Past months,
What are you waiting for?

Gloomy heart,
Frozen hands,
Static mind,
What is this rigidity for?

Hollow words,
Grimed smiles,
Fake laughs,
What is this deception for?

Empty eyes,
Prolonged silence,
Lost awareness,
What is this emptiness for?

Wake up from dreams,
Walk up to reality,
Come out from the darkness,
O warrior of eternal light.


In This Abyss


I am afraid,
Darkness is surrounding,
Spear of fear penetrating,
Slicing through my each bone,
As I walk past ones long gone,

I am lost,
I feel the abyss I am caught in,
I create false dreams to keep goin’
But where, this is so dark, so endless,
My flesh rotting with this hollowness,

I have aim,
Aim to keep up,
Aim to break out,
Aim to achieve freedom,
Aim to be what I am,

What can break me,
A Sword, A Whip,
A Spell, An Illusion,
A Cage, Eternal Burn,
Drowned in fear,
Never to see rising sun,

No none can break my will,
I won’t haste, Nor will slow down,
I don’t want power or any crown,
All I care for is you,
Blind to what is false what true,

Let me slow the time down,
And take a deep close look,
Where I stand, and where you are,
All I find is just a coin,
Sides of which we two are.

That Lovely Night


There used to be someone in my dreams,
Holding me tight, in my hours of need,
And now she left me all alone to screams,
Broken down in every inch, my heart bleeds,

I remember that stormy rainy night,
I remember that thunder lightning strike,
I remember the way we both were so wet,
I remember water drops on lips you have,

I am dead thirsty, I want suck hard on your lips,
My hands so heavy, I want to relax ’em on your hips,
I am sweating tired, Let me drown in your scent,
From my own hell, to your heaven, please let me ascend,

When I was lost, I found my world in your dark eyes,
When I was walking down road, you gave me wings to fly,
In hours of love, I remember that stormy rainy night,
When we were standing close, holding other so tight,

Old time has passed, leaving me with nothing,
Every now and then, My heart is left for mourning,
Why I still do yearn, for what is not worth my time?
All I got with myself are just few promises of mine.

Image source Donato Brucella

I Saw

i saw you
I saw seasons change, as they always do,
I saw sky turn dark red, from light blue,
I saw them playing out in open fields,
I heard them whooping as the game proceeds,
I saw the joy inside, as they all smiled,
And I saw the souls soon to get terrified,
I know hour hard things to them, time has set
All of them are child right now, They don’t know it yet,
What is of true essence, is hidden somewhere deep,
A promise of love, that even with life I have to keep,
Slowly slowly, I saw the waves take me away,
To the ocean of confusion, they made their way,
Goal was to drown me, to the eternal depth,
Without light, and there is no coming back,
I saw the darkness while I was drowning,
And then I emerged into light, as a lion roaring,
I saw trap of failure in love, of getting lost,
I saw people fall, turning to just walking ghost,
I am here to release those souls back to life,
The only for which I fight, for which I strive.

The Dark Warrior


They say I am a ghost, But they know I am not,
Fear has taken their hearts, building a knot,
Whom do they fear, their very own protector,
Taking out one by one, their each oppressor,
What I don’t have is a face, I am invisible,
While monsters walk ruling, its that simple,
They got just me, to worry about, to fear of,
While I lurking in dark, can’t take my mask off,
One day, when all these false prophets won’t be any more,
Then only I will come into light and let my weapons go,
Then only I will show them meaning of freedom,
Sing them a flying bird’s free soulful rhythm,
I will dance with them, with all their worries gone,
None of them would be left unhappy, none alone,
For now I must take leave, my duty stands in front of me,
Agents of devil, keep your eyes open, yet you wont see.

Deep Into Dark


Let the darkness in your heart grow,
And all the light for once let begone,
Let the creatures of dark forest howl,
With all the pretty chirping forgotten,
Let the body fall from sky up high,
Forgetting what depth really means,
Let the soul indulge into lusty dreams,
Leaving respect of morals fell behind,
Break the glass of rules in the front,
Forgetting the limits it was built for,
Let the animal inside you roar aloud,
No matter how fearsome it will sound,
Let yourself sink into wide ocean of thoughts,
Forget what your brain is up there for,
When you are the animal inside,
Roaring inside his forest in a dark night,
Sunk into depth, fallen from height,
Caught up in lust, with soul almost lost,
O my dear, remember all you need is a little push,
And all will be back, only light where ever you look.

Taken Down


O Light of my life, where are you dear,
I am endangered, sinking into dark fear,
Wandering across darkness, here and there,
Sometimes crashing into walls, sometimes in pillar,

Am I stuck here, into some kind of limbo,
Full of many yet none places to really go,
Some way out of here I wish I knew,
This terrain is constantly making my soul skew,

No, it can’t be happening, it shouldn’t be,
It might be a test, to test the will inside me,
Why O Why, need to send me here in no man land,
You already know, dear God, my soul won’t bend,

It won’t bend, no matter what you do, why you do,
As long as you hold my promise, I will too,
My love, stands tall before life and death,
I will be exactly the way, I long ago said,

I fear no pain, to share a smile,
I know how much soft they are, so fragile,
End all the darkness, I will lit so many lamps,
If you think of it as war, end still remains.