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Weight Of Thousand Souls

There is no beginning, there is no end,
Losing the faith as if made of sand,
Then there is feeling in the heart;
Carrying the weight of thousand souls.

Is it destined, as if a fixpoint rock,
Or is it lucid, like a river flow,
It gets dull every now and then,
Will see the light, don’t know when.

There is much to do,
There was much to be done,
Questions are too many,
There were answers to none.

Enormous efforts, yet no gains,
To see all moving, sometimes it pains,
Waiting for the spark, nights have passed,
To catch the fire, It’s a wonder when it would be.

There it is again,
No beginning, No end,
And again feels the heart,
Carrying the weight of thousand souls.


In This Abyss


I am afraid,
Darkness is surrounding,
Spear of fear penetrating,
Slicing through my each bone,
As I walk past ones long gone,

I am lost,
I feel the abyss I am caught in,
I create false dreams to keep goin’
But where, this is so dark, so endless,
My flesh rotting with this hollowness,

I have aim,
Aim to keep up,
Aim to break out,
Aim to achieve freedom,
Aim to be what I am,

What can break me,
A Sword, A Whip,
A Spell, An Illusion,
A Cage, Eternal Burn,
Drowned in fear,
Never to see rising sun,

No none can break my will,
I won’t haste, Nor will slow down,
I don’t want power or any crown,
All I care for is you,
Blind to what is false what true,

Let me slow the time down,
And take a deep close look,
Where I stand, and where you are,
All I find is just a coin,
Sides of which we two are.

I Saw

i saw you
I saw seasons change, as they always do,
I saw sky turn dark red, from light blue,
I saw them playing out in open fields,
I heard them whooping as the game proceeds,
I saw the joy inside, as they all smiled,
And I saw the souls soon to get terrified,
I know hour hard things to them, time has set
All of them are child right now, They don’t know it yet,
What is of true essence, is hidden somewhere deep,
A promise of love, that even with life I have to keep,
Slowly slowly, I saw the waves take me away,
To the ocean of confusion, they made their way,
Goal was to drown me, to the eternal depth,
Without light, and there is no coming back,
I saw the darkness while I was drowning,
And then I emerged into light, as a lion roaring,
I saw trap of failure in love, of getting lost,
I saw people fall, turning to just walking ghost,
I am here to release those souls back to life,
The only for which I fight, for which I strive.

End Of Darkness

light in darkest places

I was standing still,
When all lights went off,
All my hopes gone,
Last light in heart about to go off,

There wasn’t any path, I could see,
Not knowing, if my soul could ever be free,
Inside my self, I called for help,
Come fast, Show me the way,

Then, I let my Hope drown,
Full with complete Despair,
It was then, when I had nothing to lose,
I found an angel standing there,

Holding my hand,
Helped me stand,
We went on in dark,
Till the very end,

Let there be light,
O dear all friends,
With last spark in heart,
This is always how it end.
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