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Weight Of Thousand Souls

There is no beginning, there is no end,
Losing the faith as if made of sand,
Then there is feeling in the heart;
Carrying the weight of thousand souls.

Is it destined, as if a fixpoint rock,
Or is it lucid, like a river flow,
It gets dull every now and then,
Will see the light, don’t know when.

There is much to do,
There was much to be done,
Questions are too many,
There were answers to none.

Enormous efforts, yet no gains,
To see all moving, sometimes it pains,
Waiting for the spark, nights have passed,
To catch the fire, It’s a wonder when it would be.

There it is again,
No beginning, No end,
And again feels the heart,
Carrying the weight of thousand souls.


Breaking Bonds

I was harsh,
You were calm,
I was disappointed,
You were trying,

I was aggressive,
You were cornered,
I was furious,
You were agitated,

I was too rough,
You didn’t smooth over,
I couldn’t help myself,
Could you either?

I was harsh,
Because of softness inside.
I was furious,
Because of fear inside.

I was agressive,
Because of decay inside.
I was rough,
Because I was loosing grip inside.

Yet it all comes to me,
And yet once again I had expectation.
For the first time, I don’t fear losing you.
I am afraid, whether you have lost me?


Everyone on the earth goes through a special situation,
Very cruel it is, many call it with name depression,
One’s state becomes of very high strain and tension,
Yet they try to keep it to self, to lover never wanna mention,
We keep seeing how cruel and bad depression is,
Do we ever see, while in it, what things it teaches,
Love shows you all the lover’s goodness & beauty,
Depression whereas shows, how much are we dirty,
It shows past like a movie again and again,
And we are like a watcher bound in a chain,
So this watcher then thinks and thinks,
To calm self conscious, weeps and drinks,
So we see moments when we were so good,
Next we see ourselves bad, when lover was good,
To some there is still a hope, it’s just late, not to late,
To lucky ones, they need no hope, because they weren’t late,
How far one goes in it, totally depends on individual,
To come out of  this, there is no kind of any ritual,
I am so good in thoughts, to me many people say,
But they don’t see I am hollow as a very dry lake,
Yet I wear a mask of smile, keep living empty life,
What I need is a holding hand, which can show me light,
But alone I wouldn’t be able to withstand this light,
I will rather take steps back, because I feel it right.

*** There is much more I can write on it, I just don’t want to keep going on it. Call it self control or whatever.