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Breaking Bonds

I was harsh,
You were calm,
I was disappointed,
You were trying,

I was aggressive,
You were cornered,
I was furious,
You were agitated,

I was too rough,
You didn’t smooth over,
I couldn’t help myself,
Could you either?

I was harsh,
Because of softness inside.
I was furious,
Because of fear inside.

I was agressive,
Because of decay inside.
I was rough,
Because I was loosing grip inside.

Yet it all comes to me,
And yet once again I had expectation.
For the first time, I don’t fear losing you.
I am afraid, whether you have lost me?


Dull Lines


I see them blur,
Time goes on.
I see them fade,
Life goes on.

Is the end nigh,
Who knows.
Is there any hope,
Just despair flows.

Senses have gone numb,
Whats there to come.
When is it gonna shine,
While I keep losing my grasp.

Is it the ultimate test,
Or is it the ultimate answer?
Am I the one confused,
Or have I just enlightened?

I saw the colors,
Which are no more.
I thrive while being loved,
Yet the void gets ever bigger.

Who Am I?


Do I know who I am, Who am I?
What am I in my hands, but who am I?
I am curious, What is my identity?
I wonder, whether I even have any!

You see, many a times asked who are you?
What is response, Name that tags you.
But really! Is this me, is this you, is this we all?
I don’t think its my identity, its mere word after all.

I remember words, its action that define you,
So simple, so elegant, above all so true,
But then I am hit again, that won’t do,
It may define, but hey does it identify you?

I wonder how easy it is for us to give in,
Voids like identity we don’t even bother with,
We take a totally absurd identifier for the job,
Which is as hollow as are our great thoughts!

Identify yourself before time runs out,
The true act to make yourself proud,
Claim what you are, what is rightfully yours,
And legend would be tale of that true hero.

Between Fire and Ice

Seems like God isn’t playing random using dice,
Yet he keeps me standing between fire and ice,
I see while in the need of a hand to walk together,
There are colours on one end, transperancy on other,
One end full of joy and sorrow, other with insipidy,
One end full of fun and insanity, other illuded sanity,
In the hour of need, when i need company, i am left all alone,
With all those who care, with all their love, both things gone,
Do i need to say, do i need to cry, to tell them all,
Can’t they just feel, is their love so tiny and small,
I don’t want to weep, i want these pearls with me only,
Because all i can feel is, i would end up as weak and lonely,
Isn’t there anybody who can sense what i can’t simply say,
Isn’t there anybody who can feel what i feel night and day,
I am wrong, few will say, i am genius, the others will say,
But can’t any of them, for me just once make a strong pray,
Strong enough to change the will of him, the almighty God,
And make him lift, all that on my heart residing as huge load,
I know there are listeners and readers, thinking with their mind,
But read from heart and come up with something, that would be kind,
As the time passes, load keeps adding, and heart growing weak,
If it goes so, on time, i would have mouth but unable to speak,
Listen someone, please do, as i still have my voice,
Don’t let me fade, in all this bitter world’s noise,
You are seeing a breaking down very beautiful wall,
Care to mend it before all of it on earth does fall.

The Dilemma


There is black and there is white,
there is truth and there is lie,
there is dark and there is light,
which one is better who knows, do I, do I,
there are dreams and there is reality,
there is destruction and there is stability,
there is randomness and sanity,
which side to pick, should I, should I,
there are people and here is me,
there are expectations and walker,
yet there are rules and follower,
accept this fate, should I, should I,
i can see petals, can see thorns too,
i can see calmness, can see turbulence too,
i can see humor, can see dear too,
which one to face, can I, can I,
between 1’s and 0’s, yes i am,
distinguishing hell & heaven, yes i am,
standing at junction of two paths, yes i am,
which one is just, is it,
should be atheist or not, i don’t know,
m i the supreme, i don’t know,
should i care care, i don’t know,
is there something known, am I, am I.