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Bleeding Words

When the pain is on rise,
When the skies bleed dry,
During the night fall,
Why does the duty call.

When the sun is high,
And blue is the sky,
Under the curtain of sweat,
Someone at home awaits.

Longer are days,
Shorter are nights,
In the month of December,
Why is there feeling of July.

Left is where it felt so right,
Yet nothing is left to the right,
In conclusion to the mystery of self,
Its not a wonder, that ego dominates.


I, The Knight


I, The Knight in rusty armor,
I, called hand of devil,
I, Ripper of thousand souls,
I, the certain ticket to hell,

Came the braves, came the hoards,
Came with maces, came with swords,
With their steps, earth did quake,
Songs of valor, proudly they sang,

The sleeping dragon was awakened,
And that’s when it all happened,
Single spark in a forest spanning miles,
Remained a sea of fire, only thing left in sight,

They cried, they ran, they yelled,
One by one, their end they all met,
Bearing the sins of one and all,
In ocean of red nectar I remained,

Despair comes to me, crawling from afar,
Where is my sanity, it always asks,My knighthood, my pride, is my identity,
I, The knight in dull armor, to end is my duty.

The Dark Warrior


They say I am a ghost, But they know I am not,
Fear has taken their hearts, building a knot,
Whom do they fear, their very own protector,
Taking out one by one, their each oppressor,
What I don’t have is a face, I am invisible,
While monsters walk ruling, its that simple,
They got just me, to worry about, to fear of,
While I lurking in dark, can’t take my mask off,
One day, when all these false prophets won’t be any more,
Then only I will come into light and let my weapons go,
Then only I will show them meaning of freedom,
Sing them a flying bird’s free soulful rhythm,
I will dance with them, with all their worries gone,
None of them would be left unhappy, none alone,
For now I must take leave, my duty stands in front of me,
Agents of devil, keep your eyes open, yet you wont see.

What I Offer?

What do I have to offer? Let me tell you all,
I offer part of my soul to answer your call,
I am not single man, I am divided into two,
I have my freedom, yet I responsibilities too,
My poems symbols of freedom, my codes are of work,
My beats symbol of bond, while my heart is of love,
My legs act for progression, while hands of retention,
My brain half for memorization, half for invention,
Listen to feelings, cries and laughs, I devote my ears,
While I devote my eyes to duty, not letting job disappear,
I want to be heard, all over world; my voice to get spread,
I only want value to work, not myself; I really don’t need fame,
I want a fresh and pure rain onto this now dirty earth,
Humanity burnt heavily, healing which is real worth,
Its not just me, who has words, neither I have the power,
Its we, Its us, who can mould back the weapons into flower,
Stand up with me, Hold me tight, Lift me up to the height,
Where we belong, where one and are there, are equal in sight,
All that differs is their works, their deeds, their thoughts,
And all things are normalized, and they don’t have many costs.

* Language of video doesn’t matter, I myself watched it muted 🙂
** This is devoted to all my readers, in an attempt to explain why I keep writing, yet rarely read their works. Hope it makes all your hearts get lighter, yet stronger.