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Bleeding Words

When the pain is on rise,
When the skies bleed dry,
During the night fall,
Why does the duty call.

When the sun is high,
And blue is the sky,
Under the curtain of sweat,
Someone at home awaits.

Longer are days,
Shorter are nights,
In the month of December,
Why is there feeling of July.

Left is where it felt so right,
Yet nothing is left to the right,
In conclusion to the mystery of self,
Its not a wonder, that ego dominates.


The Path


To all the positivists, you yourself are living mistruth,
To the rest, I don’t favor negativism either!
Those who favor order, you are missing all the fun,
For the agents of chaos, I am not lured by you either!
Who am I if you ask,
I travel the path opposed, with tools favored,
I adventure while others rest, but destination is peace itself. Period.