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Chains of world grinding,
In a corner she shivers,
Footsteps burst every now and then,
Like a hammer fall to her heart.

Under the curtains of silence,
Like ages were the years of past,
Day by day, month by month,
Volcano was on rise, each year.

She, the mirror of that is soft,
She, the symbol of that is pure,
She, the feel of that is good,
She, the notion of what is love.

She waits for the torments to end,
She waits for a hand to come,
She looks for a spark to appear,
She hopes for glimpse of that dream.

Break those chains, O dearest,
Lift that curtain, O strongest,
Find the lost self, O beautiful,
For its only us, because of you.


Its Time To Fly


Its time to go home,
Somewhere i belong,
Somewhere i feel safe,
Somewhere nothing to dare,

Its time to break free,
Running out with a spree,
Nothing to care about,
Like a wild storm cloud,

Its time to rise,
Sharp as golden sunshine,
No one to wait for,
None to take care of,

Its time to get on your feet,
Its time to give up own creed,
Its time like never before,
Its time to put arms back on,

Its time that wont return,
Its ship without wheels to turn,
But hey, hang on, just follow the flow,
When it would be the time, we will let go.

Image Courtesy http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/time%20flies_74682

The Way I Am

Way I Am

Come to me, I have a world to show,
Come to me, Before the lights turn off,
Come to me, I am going to fall,
Come to me, I wanna hear you call,

Come to me, Taste the flames of love,
Come to me, Feels the shakes of luck,
Come to me, Fear is taking hold,
Come to me, Before my tears fall,

I forgot, I can’t cry anymore,
I forgot, I can’t ask you more,
I forgot, I am down in hell,
I forgot, You are up in space,

I forgot, I once ran off,
I forgot, You once stood alone,
I forgot, What I asked myself,
I forgot, What I have to save,

Forgive me, I am so afraid,
Forgive me, I got carried away,
Forgive me, I broke your faith,
Forgive me, For this is the way I am.

* Image Source http://www.listofimages.com/bridge-man-fog-dark-3d.html

Independence Special

independence day kite flight
सुनो मेरे देश के वीरों, वक्त की यही माँग है ।
करना हमें ही भविष्य का निर्माण है ।

ये जो मैली नदिया है,
ये जो फुटी सड़क है,
करती है मन को असान्त ओर,
जलाती दिल मे एक अलख है ।

सुनो मेरे देश के वीरों, वक्त की यही माँग है ।
करना हमें ही भविष्य का निर्माण है ।

टिप टिप बरसता पानी भरता जो नालिया है,
क्यूँ फिर, वतन मे रहता कोई प्यासा है,
भरे हैं अमीरों के गोदाम कहीं,
फुटपाथ पे सोया फिर क्यूँ कोई भुखा है ।

सुनो मेरे देश के वीरों, वक्त की यही माँग है ।
करना हमें ही भविष्य का निर्माण है ।

सोते हैं जब सभी अपने बिस्तर मे,
जागते उस वक़्त देश के प्रहरी हैं,
मनाते हैं जव हम उत्सव कोई,
गर्वीत करते अपनी माँ को इसके शहीद हैं ।

सुनो मेरे देश के वीरों, वक्त की यही माँग है ।
करना हमें ही भविष्य का निर्माण है ।

नमोः वीर, नमोः जवान,
नमोः मजदुर, नमोः किसान,
नमोः अदभुत अखण्ड राष्ट्र,
नमोः पावन जीवनदायनी धरा ।

सुनो मेरे देश के वीरों, वक्त की यही माँग है ।
करना हमें ही भविष्य का निर्माण है ।

Driving Home In Rain

Driving way back home, I felt something on my body,
Oh a water drop, OMG it started to rain heavily,
Making my way through traffic, I was on my bike,
Like the dripping water on my shirt, I wanted to slide,
I dreamed to drive in loop, time running slow, me fast,
I wanted to enjoy each drop split on face while it last,
I wanted go round and round, making spirals of water,
The child inside me coming out, I could hear his laughter,
In the layers made by dirt of time, He was long lost,
His every memory is now just like a laughing ghost,
It was then, God’s shower grew weak, I got stuck in a jam,
And in my vicinty passed by a young beautiful madam,
Oh how pretty she was dressed, grey top, pink patiyala salwaar,
In my deepest corner of heart she raised an epic eternal war,
And so I started to chase her, overtaking every now and then,
We didn’t stop to talk, I don’t think we will ever meet again,
But somehow, I felt that we are attached, something was amiss,
But who am I to feel, and this thought I instantly did dismiss,
Now I am home, tired from journey, enjoyed the rain,
About to take rest, before it starts to give pain.

The Dark Warrior


They say I am a ghost, But they know I am not,
Fear has taken their hearts, building a knot,
Whom do they fear, their very own protector,
Taking out one by one, their each oppressor,
What I don’t have is a face, I am invisible,
While monsters walk ruling, its that simple,
They got just me, to worry about, to fear of,
While I lurking in dark, can’t take my mask off,
One day, when all these false prophets won’t be any more,
Then only I will come into light and let my weapons go,
Then only I will show them meaning of freedom,
Sing them a flying bird’s free soulful rhythm,
I will dance with them, with all their worries gone,
None of them would be left unhappy, none alone,
For now I must take leave, my duty stands in front of me,
Agents of devil, keep your eyes open, yet you wont see.

What I Offer?

What do I have to offer? Let me tell you all,
I offer part of my soul to answer your call,
I am not single man, I am divided into two,
I have my freedom, yet I responsibilities too,
My poems symbols of freedom, my codes are of work,
My beats symbol of bond, while my heart is of love,
My legs act for progression, while hands of retention,
My brain half for memorization, half for invention,
Listen to feelings, cries and laughs, I devote my ears,
While I devote my eyes to duty, not letting job disappear,
I want to be heard, all over world; my voice to get spread,
I only want value to work, not myself; I really don’t need fame,
I want a fresh and pure rain onto this now dirty earth,
Humanity burnt heavily, healing which is real worth,
Its not just me, who has words, neither I have the power,
Its we, Its us, who can mould back the weapons into flower,
Stand up with me, Hold me tight, Lift me up to the height,
Where we belong, where one and are there, are equal in sight,
All that differs is their works, their deeds, their thoughts,
And all things are normalized, and they don’t have many costs.

* Language of video doesn’t matter, I myself watched it muted 🙂
** This is devoted to all my readers, in an attempt to explain why I keep writing, yet rarely read their works. Hope it makes all your hearts get lighter, yet stronger.