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She is calm,
Holding her gaze at the grass,
She smiles,
While moist buds scratch her paws,

She looks back,
A time perhaps she recalls,
Open arms, She breathes,
A familiar scent as it falls,

She is close,
She is vivid,
A little bit further,
Yes, she is there,

Those wet palms,
Tiny drops sliding under,
Behind this silvery curtain,
It must be her,
It has to be her.


In A Beautiful Limbo


There are flowers all around,
Some just born, new and afresh,
Some crushed lying on the ground,

Are they any different,
Stupid heart asks,
Can’t it see,
fire is not just sparks,

Fire is indestructible,
In all its glory,
Yet not to forget,
Its just sparks fury,

Ah the stairs,
There they are,
Been a long time,
Since they staph,

Life is ahead,
Or did it just pass,
Cares everyone,
Hardly matters at all!

The flag has to go down,
If not now, it will then,
Why is it always to wonder,
That is it the end ?