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In The Despair

Lost days,
Missed weeks,
Past months,
What are you waiting for?

Gloomy heart,
Frozen hands,
Static mind,
What is this rigidity for?

Hollow words,
Grimed smiles,
Fake laughs,
What is this deception for?

Empty eyes,
Prolonged silence,
Lost awareness,
What is this emptiness for?

Wake up from dreams,
Walk up to reality,
Come out from the darkness,
O warrior of eternal light.


In This Abyss


I am afraid,
Darkness is surrounding,
Spear of fear penetrating,
Slicing through my each bone,
As I walk past ones long gone,

I am lost,
I feel the abyss I am caught in,
I create false dreams to keep goin’
But where, this is so dark, so endless,
My flesh rotting with this hollowness,

I have aim,
Aim to keep up,
Aim to break out,
Aim to achieve freedom,
Aim to be what I am,

What can break me,
A Sword, A Whip,
A Spell, An Illusion,
A Cage, Eternal Burn,
Drowned in fear,
Never to see rising sun,

No none can break my will,
I won’t haste, Nor will slow down,
I don’t want power or any crown,
All I care for is you,
Blind to what is false what true,

Let me slow the time down,
And take a deep close look,
Where I stand, and where you are,
All I find is just a coin,
Sides of which we two are.