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Pieces Of Life

Pieces Of Life
Ah, These feelings of love,
All at once rolling inside me,
My heart is calling out for her,
Listen to me, will she?

Lived here a man, once upon a time,
In darkest hour, born out of light,
He once said with an awkward smile,
“Alone we stand, Together we fight”,

Oh the wise man was, statue of honesty,
When all were asleep, he foresaw destiny,
The feeling, of everyone around hatin’,
Yet we keep up, for them we keep goin’,

Where is hell, Tell me if you can,
But make sure it better be worst place,
And in case my dear you just can’t,
Let your inner light shine as it shall,

Realize the truth, truth that is absolute,
And stop asking yourself what is it that exists,
In case you do, you will always be in dark,
Sticking to false beliefs, your heart always resists.

* Image Courtesy : http://rebekahradice.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Make-the-Puzzle-Pieces-of-Your-Life-Fit.jpg


What Humanity Really Is?


How fast things change, we forget how they were,
Wounds word give are always warm, with no healer,
How convenient it is for us to perceive,
While it is always too hard to really live,
How comforting it is to sleep under open sky,
Yet waking up from dreamland, makes mind fry,
How cool it is, when you are being praised,
Yet we shout upon own ways we are blamed,
How easy it is for us to thank,
How tough it is, when comes to help,
How far we go in the name of freedom,
How little we focus on its real notion,
How paced we move when we set a destination,
Never we free those failed and caught in depression,
How great and simple word sorry is,
So often we use it to say,
It doesn’t matter who made mistake,
Always the injured is to pay,
On every disaster, we shout and preach about humanity,
Do we all even remember it, in hours of pure sanity.

* Goal of this poem is to raise a question, answers may come in future ones.
** Photo Courtesy : http://www.humanity.org/