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She is calm,
Holding her gaze at the grass,
She smiles,
While moist buds scratch her paws,

She looks back,
A time perhaps she recalls,
Open arms, She breathes,
A familiar scent as it falls,

She is close,
She is vivid,
A little bit further,
Yes, she is there,

Those wet palms,
Tiny drops sliding under,
Behind this silvery curtain,
It must be her,
It has to be her.


In This Abyss


I am afraid,
Darkness is surrounding,
Spear of fear penetrating,
Slicing through my each bone,
As I walk past ones long gone,

I am lost,
I feel the abyss I am caught in,
I create false dreams to keep goin’
But where, this is so dark, so endless,
My flesh rotting with this hollowness,

I have aim,
Aim to keep up,
Aim to break out,
Aim to achieve freedom,
Aim to be what I am,

What can break me,
A Sword, A Whip,
A Spell, An Illusion,
A Cage, Eternal Burn,
Drowned in fear,
Never to see rising sun,

No none can break my will,
I won’t haste, Nor will slow down,
I don’t want power or any crown,
All I care for is you,
Blind to what is false what true,

Let me slow the time down,
And take a deep close look,
Where I stand, and where you are,
All I find is just a coin,
Sides of which we two are.

The Way I Am

Way I Am

Come to me, I have a world to show,
Come to me, Before the lights turn off,
Come to me, I am going to fall,
Come to me, I wanna hear you call,

Come to me, Taste the flames of love,
Come to me, Feels the shakes of luck,
Come to me, Fear is taking hold,
Come to me, Before my tears fall,

I forgot, I can’t cry anymore,
I forgot, I can’t ask you more,
I forgot, I am down in hell,
I forgot, You are up in space,

I forgot, I once ran off,
I forgot, You once stood alone,
I forgot, What I asked myself,
I forgot, What I have to save,

Forgive me, I am so afraid,
Forgive me, I got carried away,
Forgive me, I broke your faith,
Forgive me, For this is the way I am.

* Image Source http://www.listofimages.com/bridge-man-fog-dark-3d.html

Deep Into Dark


Let the darkness in your heart grow,
And all the light for once let begone,
Let the creatures of dark forest howl,
With all the pretty chirping forgotten,
Let the body fall from sky up high,
Forgetting what depth really means,
Let the soul indulge into lusty dreams,
Leaving respect of morals fell behind,
Break the glass of rules in the front,
Forgetting the limits it was built for,
Let the animal inside you roar aloud,
No matter how fearsome it will sound,
Let yourself sink into wide ocean of thoughts,
Forget what your brain is up there for,
When you are the animal inside,
Roaring inside his forest in a dark night,
Sunk into depth, fallen from height,
Caught up in lust, with soul almost lost,
O my dear, remember all you need is a little push,
And all will be back, only light where ever you look.

I am lost


In the very dark of this world, i am lost,
Wandering around just like a lonely ghost,
There was a time, i could stand up and boast,
And i would do wonders, and then have a toast,
I have been a great liar, so has become my heart,
I can’t show my true eyes, knowing it will hurt,
I went on through ups and downs, low and high,
Standing on the rigid ground, i touched the sky,
Kept doing things, without even thinking why,
Never realizing will end up only left to cry,
I had been so much strong oh my beloved dear,
Now i tremble so quick, on very little sheer,
What is haunting you, i can see it all clear,
Now you have to give me a good reason to cheer,
Come closer, come closer, don’t you walk away,
Let any trouble come, i am here for them to slay,
Yes i might get wounded, but my dear its okay,
At least it is better than life like empty tray,
You are my everything, you are my dear angel,
Only worries are your problems trying to tangle,
But i will take them, and your stars will twinkle,
I don’t care if meanwhile my face gets few wrinkle,
You know dear, as a person i have been very polite,
But only for you, let the world oppose i will win the fight,
At last one day will come, when from this world i will be lost,
That day i will expect truth on what you did, and what you got.

***** For any readers who read all poems/ description of Adventures of Champ, i beg all your pardon but i will need little time to come with a good fantasy. The recent poems are more like emotions and thoughts converted to words. These are more pain to reader than me, whereas Adventures of Champ costs me great time, so just be patience.