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Chains of world grinding,
In a corner she shivers,
Footsteps burst every now and then,
Like a hammer fall to her heart.

Under the curtains of silence,
Like ages were the years of past,
Day by day, month by month,
Volcano was on rise, each year.

She, the mirror of that is soft,
She, the symbol of that is pure,
She, the feel of that is good,
She, the notion of what is love.

She waits for the torments to end,
She waits for a hand to come,
She looks for a spark to appear,
She hopes for glimpse of that dream.

Break those chains, O dearest,
Lift that curtain, O strongest,
Find the lost self, O beautiful,
For its only us, because of you.


Breaking Bonds

I was harsh,
You were calm,
I was disappointed,
You were trying,

I was aggressive,
You were cornered,
I was furious,
You were agitated,

I was too rough,
You didn’t smooth over,
I couldn’t help myself,
Could you either?

I was harsh,
Because of softness inside.
I was furious,
Because of fear inside.

I was agressive,
Because of decay inside.
I was rough,
Because I was loosing grip inside.

Yet it all comes to me,
And yet once again I had expectation.
For the first time, I don’t fear losing you.
I am afraid, whether you have lost me?

Path Of Warrior

the_way__of_the_warrior___i_by_md_arts-d5brzdlThe Hope

With the fresh breeze Comes the spring .
Moist Morning mist with hope it brings .
Soon it will be time for summer to Come.
Crop will ripe for season to Come.

The Siege

Distant dark clouds I see.
Signs of monsoon , No it Can’t be .
In the time ashes fell .
In dark red water we bathe .

The Journey

It feels like the darkest night.
With no moon just stars to guide.
Yet I await for destination to arrive.
With the revenge , all over my mind.

The Fallen Ones

Through the desert I make my path .
Crushing remains of those who dared to walk .
There is a storm standing in my way .
Beyond is where monster rests .

The Fiery Crucible

I enter the liar of volcanic beast .
It spits lava right on me.
Silenced music , Revenge cry I Unleashed .
A long battle I must have been .
With the beast I fell in fiery pit .
Love didn’t melt me; Heat did.



She is calm,
Holding her gaze at the grass,
She smiles,
While moist buds scratch her paws,

She looks back,
A time perhaps she recalls,
Open arms, She breathes,
A familiar scent as it falls,

She is close,
She is vivid,
A little bit further,
Yes, she is there,

Those wet palms,
Tiny drops sliding under,
Behind this silvery curtain,
It must be her,
It has to be her.

War Of Despair

In the loop once again,
Yes I am, yes I am,
Searching for the reason,
Where the is just one; Yes I am,

I thought it as a current that flows,
No its not, it has never has been,
Is it a path set for each to follow,
Is it not, remains yet to be seen,

I used to fade in dreams,
Whenever the night fell,
My dreams fade in night now,
Did my hope just fell,

I would be soon in Armageddon,
Sitting on corpses would be me,
Come love before its too late,
Because dear only you can save me.

Love like Death


I look into mirror asking myself,
Who is that, I am looking at,
Is it me, or is it just an image,
Shall i run away, or shall i embrace.

It used to be different, quite alive,
And now, look at it, hardly did survive,
All those victories, glories of past,
Is it light or is it shadow they cast.

Look at beauty, lying ahead in full charm,
Praising it, could that be of any harm,
To hell with it, engulf while it lasts,
Its the magic potion, none can craft.

It would always be so silent, so calm,
Follows a feel of sweat on your palm,
And also, ups and downs in your heart,
And what you call love, natures old art.

Oh blind fool, cant you even see,
What a wasted future it would be,
Save them all, all your breath,
As you are destined to love like death.

Its Time To Fly


Its time to go home,
Somewhere i belong,
Somewhere i feel safe,
Somewhere nothing to dare,

Its time to break free,
Running out with a spree,
Nothing to care about,
Like a wild storm cloud,

Its time to rise,
Sharp as golden sunshine,
No one to wait for,
None to take care of,

Its time to get on your feet,
Its time to give up own creed,
Its time like never before,
Its time to put arms back on,

Its time that wont return,
Its ship without wheels to turn,
But hey, hang on, just follow the flow,
When it would be the time, we will let go.

Image Courtesy http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/time%20flies_74682