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A Look Upon Time


Today, lets take a look back at past,
That went away so soon, so fast,
Remember the ones we left apart,
Think how long is it going to last,

It doesn’t how much your memory is clear,
Images from past would always have a blur,
Recalling the happy moments we feel joy,
While for all our mistakes we suffer,

What we are, is mirrored by what we call time,
Past being reflection of future at other side,
Present is the boundary, setting the destination,
For an observer, between past and future as horizon,

Past carries the weight of present self,
Future is wide open sky for us to fly away,
Not matter how many jumps we make,
In the present we would always wake,

Past is bound, with Order it holds its state,
For all decisions you took, choices you made,
Future is open, full of chaos, nothing is set,
No one knows, yet your acts decide what awaits.

****   Wait for rest.



I wasn’t really a fool, but somehow I reached the limit,

Through the fires I walked, When none of lights were lit,
Here I stand where you can’t see me, not any more,
For all words that I was and still I am sure,
All those long complete truths, None a lie,
But now I ask myself, why have been I so, why,
I have seen people fight for what they want,
Turn back the direction of time, no I can’t,
Whom few months back I thought to be lucky,
That same person today I pity, I do really,
But am I myself any better, I ask this with all my mind,
Maybe I am, or maybe not, but certainly past is behind,
No matter what you think, what you it never coming back,
Like a time machine, in the real life there is not a hack,
I stand with all my arms open, awaiting your return,
But I know you will not, and nothing you really earn,
For you have put walls on all of your inner senses,
You will want me to move the day everything freezes.