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In The Despair

Lost days,
Missed weeks,
Past months,
What are you waiting for?

Gloomy heart,
Frozen hands,
Static mind,
What is this rigidity for?

Hollow words,
Grimed smiles,
Fake laughs,
What is this deception for?

Empty eyes,
Prolonged silence,
Lost awareness,
What is this emptiness for?

Wake up from dreams,
Walk up to reality,
Come out from the darkness,
O warrior of eternal light.




She is calm,
Holding her gaze at the grass,
She smiles,
While moist buds scratch her paws,

She looks back,
A time perhaps she recalls,
Open arms, She breathes,
A familiar scent as it falls,

She is close,
She is vivid,
A little bit further,
Yes, she is there,

Those wet palms,
Tiny drops sliding under,
Behind this silvery curtain,
It must be her,
It has to be her.

Pieces Of Life

Pieces Of Life
Ah, These feelings of love,
All at once rolling inside me,
My heart is calling out for her,
Listen to me, will she?

Lived here a man, once upon a time,
In darkest hour, born out of light,
He once said with an awkward smile,
“Alone we stand, Together we fight”,

Oh the wise man was, statue of honesty,
When all were asleep, he foresaw destiny,
The feeling, of everyone around hatin’,
Yet we keep up, for them we keep goin’,

Where is hell, Tell me if you can,
But make sure it better be worst place,
And in case my dear you just can’t,
Let your inner light shine as it shall,

Realize the truth, truth that is absolute,
And stop asking yourself what is it that exists,
In case you do, you will always be in dark,
Sticking to false beliefs, your heart always resists.

* Image Courtesy : http://rebekahradice.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Make-the-Puzzle-Pieces-of-Your-Life-Fit.jpg


I wasn’t really a fool, but somehow I reached the limit,

Through the fires I walked, When none of lights were lit,
Here I stand where you can’t see me, not any more,
For all words that I was and still I am sure,
All those long complete truths, None a lie,
But now I ask myself, why have been I so, why,
I have seen people fight for what they want,
Turn back the direction of time, no I can’t,
Whom few months back I thought to be lucky,
That same person today I pity, I do really,
But am I myself any better, I ask this with all my mind,
Maybe I am, or maybe not, but certainly past is behind,
No matter what you think, what you it never coming back,
Like a time machine, in the real life there is not a hack,
I stand with all my arms open, awaiting your return,
But I know you will not, and nothing you really earn,
For you have put walls on all of your inner senses,
You will want me to move the day everything freezes.