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Need is Beauty not Want

stag reflection

All is dark, I can’t see any light here,
All I see is moon’s devil laugh above there,
Suddenly out of my worries, I feel amused,
On my reaction naughty moon feels abused,

Oh yes dear he must be, for what he did to me,
I laughed since he can’t move, just wait and see,
I can’t find light, sure I am very weak due to this,
But I can create fire, to walk through this abyss,

Yet my laugh, my joy all of a sudden is gone again,
Came an old childhood story into my little brain,
Story is quite elegant and simple, full of beauty,
Retell it to all I feel now as my essential duty,

Long back once lived a stag full with sarcasm,
Who only looked at world’s beauty, never the necessity,
Seeing own reflection will praise his beautiful horns,
Cursing his legs at same time, destroying perfect beauty,

Amidst these thoughts he saw wild hounds coming behind,
Ran fast as much he could, took shelter where he could find,
All his beliefs changed, he could saw his legs need,
It were legs that let him from trouble to get rid,

Yet he still was blind towards his beauty, still had pride,
Quickly hounds approached the place, that he used to hide,
He ran again, only to get her beautiful horns stuck into a bush,
He couldn’t escape, it didn’t matter how much he did tried to pull,

See the world the way creator sees O my dear fellows,
Time wouldn’t return back to you once it has gone,
Where you see beauty, see the real beauty of need,
Not the notion of beauty which is sole base of greed.


The Silent Singer


In moments of calmness, there is a silent song,
Song of pain, song of sorrow, and its quite long,
In moments of anger, their is a very loud song,
Too violent, too dangerous, yet it is so small,
In moments of happiness, there is a mild song,
Song of joy, song of comfort, is it above all,
In moments full of love, there is a whistling tone,
Tone with rise, tone with fall, slicing my heart off,
In moments of vanity, there is a praising royal song,
Song of pride, song of victory, raising high for fall,
In moments of fear, there is a whispering song,
Song with screams, song with whimpers that haunt,
In moments of need, there is no musical song,
There is just a need of song,
And you are silent singer, of this needed song.

What do you need

What is it that we truly need,
Answers to below is what we seek,
In a very dark night inside deep forest,
Is it lamp or is it courage we seek,
While fighting our greatest enemy,
Is it weapon or is it strength we seek,
When you are with one you love,
Is it the person or love you seek,
When all things start to fade away,
Is it help or is it hope that you seek,
When you are in a dilemma,
Is it solution or truth you seek,
When you are left all alone,
Is it a partner or dream you seek,
When you are heavily tired,
Is it comfort or peace you seek,
When you are into trouble,
Is it exit, or reason to fight you seek,
While being asked a question,
Is it answer or meaning you seek,
Thinking all of this and answering,
Is it thoughts or self you seek,
When realising you lost a part of yours,
Is it the part or an understanding you seek,
On this place worse than hell,
Is it death or angel you seek,
What is it that matters most to you,
Is it life, self & luck or just happiness of angel you seek,
So this is most of it,
When inside myself I take a peek.

Dear readers this post has deep meaning and philosophy behind every question, think before you take words literally.