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Breaking Bonds

I was harsh,
You were calm,
I was disappointed,
You were trying,

I was aggressive,
You were cornered,
I was furious,
You were agitated,

I was too rough,
You didn’t smooth over,
I couldn’t help myself,
Could you either?

I was harsh,
Because of softness inside.
I was furious,
Because of fear inside.

I was agressive,
Because of decay inside.
I was rough,
Because I was loosing grip inside.

Yet it all comes to me,
And yet once again I had expectation.
For the first time, I don’t fear losing you.
I am afraid, whether you have lost me?


Deep Into Dark


Let the darkness in your heart grow,
And all the light for once let begone,
Let the creatures of dark forest howl,
With all the pretty chirping forgotten,
Let the body fall from sky up high,
Forgetting what depth really means,
Let the soul indulge into lusty dreams,
Leaving respect of morals fell behind,
Break the glass of rules in the front,
Forgetting the limits it was built for,
Let the animal inside you roar aloud,
No matter how fearsome it will sound,
Let yourself sink into wide ocean of thoughts,
Forget what your brain is up there for,
When you are the animal inside,
Roaring inside his forest in a dark night,
Sunk into depth, fallen from height,
Caught up in lust, with soul almost lost,
O my dear, remember all you need is a little push,
And all will be back, only light where ever you look.

Taken Down


O Light of my life, where are you dear,
I am endangered, sinking into dark fear,
Wandering across darkness, here and there,
Sometimes crashing into walls, sometimes in pillar,

Am I stuck here, into some kind of limbo,
Full of many yet none places to really go,
Some way out of here I wish I knew,
This terrain is constantly making my soul skew,

No, it can’t be happening, it shouldn’t be,
It might be a test, to test the will inside me,
Why O Why, need to send me here in no man land,
You already know, dear God, my soul won’t bend,

It won’t bend, no matter what you do, why you do,
As long as you hold my promise, I will too,
My love, stands tall before life and death,
I will be exactly the way, I long ago said,

I fear no pain, to share a smile,
I know how much soft they are, so fragile,
End all the darkness, I will lit so many lamps,
If you think of it as war, end still remains.

Away With Love


Let me pinch you,
To wake you up, its not time to sleep,
Let me hit you,
To warm you up, but don’t you now weep,

Far away I will take you,
We aren’t safe here any more,
To the end I will hold you,
No one can break my will, I am sure,

I took fire in my hand,
Other hand full of chilling ice,
To burn our enemies is first hand,
Cool it for you, other will suffice,

For long we have been haunted,
By these monsters of men, haters of love,
No longer would our love be hunted,
We will perish them, as they now deserve,

Hold me my dear, hold me tight,
Soon we are going to The Legendary fight.

* Everything except lover is there in picture. Though picture shows a possibility of bad ending, or start of running away.

Fly Away

I felt myself free, until one day,
The day I saw my moon, far above in sky,
I would be in street, looking up for moon,
Always in want when it shines its silvery light,
But she isn’t so easy, she likes hide and seek,
Hiding behind clouds, leaving me badly hurt,
Day after day, time went on,
For few days my moon was gone,
This is when I break free, cutting all my chains,
For I had to rise, I had to fly,
She was my love, I needed my moon back,
For long I was a new bird in its nest,
With wings on back, but a fear in heart and head,
Broken inside, furiously I take leap,
For I come to now believe,
Even if you die, at least you tried,
And Woah, I flew, flew across seas,
Above the cloud, my moon can be seen.

I Will Be There

i will be there

When paper will become small,
All emotions inside too large,
From heart bitter words will fall,
And your soul giving me a call,

All you loved, you would be parting with,
Those as close as metal is to the smith,
Then only you will know the way I feel,
The prolonged pain, I couldn’t ever kill,

There are plenty ways to calm the lust,
But not many to prevent my heart from burst,
Count it all dear, what happiness does cost,
Before everything and all you have is lost,

You should know, when you would have nothing,
Yet there would be me, for eternity waiting,
For what your voice will command me anything,
Let the God come, my promise would be sure thing,

There would be a time, when all will seem lost,
I would be always in them, those you have got,
That day, my dear, as told I would have single question,
Count it all, what did you really lost, what did you earn?

Heart Of Glass

I look at my heart,
All I see is a glass,
Clear and transparent as it can be,
Just like any glass,
Look closely and you will see,
All dirt on this glass,
Clean it how many times I may,
It wouldn’t ever be all,
I want to stand rock hard,
Yet I always end as soft glass,
I would ask The Almighty one day,
Oh what I just said, Alas,
Is there even such a thing,
This simple question always haunts,
She, My Angel can’t listen,
Whom I want to say it all,
And to this crowd I never cared of,
I keep speaking in parts,
One day I might see an angel rise,
Who can take my glassy heart,
About to crack, About to break,
About to splatter, to fall apart.