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She is calm,
Holding her gaze at the grass,
She smiles,
While moist buds scratch her paws,

She looks back,
A time perhaps she recalls,
Open arms, She breathes,
A familiar scent as it falls,

She is close,
She is vivid,
A little bit further,
Yes, she is there,

Those wet palms,
Tiny drops sliding under,
Behind this silvery curtain,
It must be her,
It has to be her.


That Lovely Night


There used to be someone in my dreams,
Holding me tight, in my hours of need,
And now she left me all alone to screams,
Broken down in every inch, my heart bleeds,

I remember that stormy rainy night,
I remember that thunder lightning strike,
I remember the way we both were so wet,
I remember water drops on lips you have,

I am dead thirsty, I want suck hard on your lips,
My hands so heavy, I want to relax ’em on your hips,
I am sweating tired, Let me drown in your scent,
From my own hell, to your heaven, please let me ascend,

When I was lost, I found my world in your dark eyes,
When I was walking down road, you gave me wings to fly,
In hours of love, I remember that stormy rainy night,
When we were standing close, holding other so tight,

Old time has passed, leaving me with nothing,
Every now and then, My heart is left for mourning,
Why I still do yearn, for what is not worth my time?
All I got with myself are just few promises of mine.

Image source Donato Brucella

Driving Home In Rain

Driving way back home, I felt something on my body,
Oh a water drop, OMG it started to rain heavily,
Making my way through traffic, I was on my bike,
Like the dripping water on my shirt, I wanted to slide,
I dreamed to drive in loop, time running slow, me fast,
I wanted to enjoy each drop split on face while it last,
I wanted go round and round, making spirals of water,
The child inside me coming out, I could hear his laughter,
In the layers made by dirt of time, He was long lost,
His every memory is now just like a laughing ghost,
It was then, God’s shower grew weak, I got stuck in a jam,
And in my vicinty passed by a young beautiful madam,
Oh how pretty she was dressed, grey top, pink patiyala salwaar,
In my deepest corner of heart she raised an epic eternal war,
And so I started to chase her, overtaking every now and then,
We didn’t stop to talk, I don’t think we will ever meet again,
But somehow, I felt that we are attached, something was amiss,
But who am I to feel, and this thought I instantly did dismiss,
Now I am home, tired from journey, enjoyed the rain,
About to take rest, before it starts to give pain.

The rain

Amidst this era of so much strain,
To relax myself, i want it to rain,
In day by day evergrowing tension,
To soften myself, i want it to rain,
For this continuously hurting pain,
Drink drops as pills, i want it to rain,
Whole body covered by all my sins stain,
To cleanse each pore, i want it to rain,
Walked for long on this dry rough terrain,
To soften ground beneath, i want it to rain,
As a good guy, for long i have been very sane,
For little spice of insanity, i want it to rain,
Life keeps going on like a non stopping train,
To splash moments on it, i want it to rain,
For long i decided on what to loose what to gain,
To leave me as i was before, i want it to rain,
Wasted all my tears, i had every now and then,
To keep weeping in solitary, i want it to rain,
I have tried to handle surface more than i can,
To get drowned while i enjoy, i want it to rain,
Before i rest after having such huge sorrow and joy chain,
To keep swinging on soft sprinkling bed of water nice and plain,
Too much shower of caring and all from love’s very special fan,
I want it to rain, i would say, i necessarily need it to rain.