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Castle of Harbinger

dark castle Asrah
Shifting through the shadows,
Amidst formidable terror,
She makes her way,
To the heart of all evil.

Step by step into the void,
Inch by inch with fear and agony,
Pushed by will, into a dark world,
Armed with desire, she is firm.

Venturing where stars don’t shine,
Moon lost forever in clouds,
Sun is blood red, drenched in past,
Yet she presses on, for the destiny awaits,

Glimpses of the elders strike her,
A breeze in the middle of abyss,
Trees amidst far spread desert,
People wandering over the fallen,

And then she snaps out from past,
Confronts the harbinger of death and misery,
Now is her moment,
Moment of truth, moment of revenge.

P.S. – I am trying to write a story line about a girl named Asrah, this is a starting point. I am trying to write in free verse, no rhyme restriction, just plain story, with little saying most left to reader’s imagination.


Path Of Warrior

the_way__of_the_warrior___i_by_md_arts-d5brzdlThe Hope

With the fresh breeze Comes the spring .
Moist Morning mist with hope it brings .
Soon it will be time for summer to Come.
Crop will ripe for season to Come.

The Siege

Distant dark clouds I see.
Signs of monsoon , No it Can’t be .
In the time ashes fell .
In dark red water we bathe .

The Journey

It feels like the darkest night.
With no moon just stars to guide.
Yet I await for destination to arrive.
With the revenge , all over my mind.

The Fallen Ones

Through the desert I make my path .
Crushing remains of those who dared to walk .
There is a storm standing in my way .
Beyond is where monster rests .

The Fiery Crucible

I enter the liar of volcanic beast .
It spits lava right on me.
Silenced music , Revenge cry I Unleashed .
A long battle I must have been .
With the beast I fell in fiery pit .
Love didn’t melt me; Heat did.

Dear life, Its for you

You stand there laughing loud at me,
And me broken down, having my coffee,
Day after day, you gave me so many dreams,
Only to fill my heart with so many screams,
I was so thankful to god for having you,
Now see, i am so deeply tired thanks to you,
Sands of time flow, more and more you grow,
So helpless, you i can’t so easily throw,
For all my happy moments, i will ease on you,
For rest of fucking moments, i do owe you,
You have been for me like a pretty awesome cage,
Don’t you worry, i will have reasonable revenge,
I had been very kind, thanks to things you showed,
But goodness is my weakness, that you also taught,
All you did to me till now, itself sure is a legacy,
But you made me a dreamer, man haunted by his fantasy,
I don’t see any fucking reason,
Neither what you lost, what you earned,
Right now, on your action,
i am the only person also most concerned,
For everything you have shown, and you taught,
Dear life, i will make you to have second thought.