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Bleeding Words

When the pain is on rise,
When the skies bleed dry,
During the night fall,
Why does the duty call.

When the sun is high,
And blue is the sky,
Under the curtain of sweat,
Someone at home awaits.

Longer are days,
Shorter are nights,
In the month of December,
Why is there feeling of July.

Left is where it felt so right,
Yet nothing is left to the right,
In conclusion to the mystery of self,
Its not a wonder, that ego dominates.


I, The Knight


I, The Knight in rusty armor,
I, called hand of devil,
I, Ripper of thousand souls,
I, the certain ticket to hell,

Came the braves, came the hoards,
Came with maces, came with swords,
With their steps, earth did quake,
Songs of valor, proudly they sang,

The sleeping dragon was awakened,
And that’s when it all happened,
Single spark in a forest spanning miles,
Remained a sea of fire, only thing left in sight,

They cried, they ran, they yelled,
One by one, their end they all met,
Bearing the sins of one and all,
In ocean of red nectar I remained,

Despair comes to me, crawling from afar,
Where is my sanity, it always asks,My knighthood, my pride, is my identity,
I, The knight in dull armor, to end is my duty.

Love like Death


I look into mirror asking myself,
Who is that, I am looking at,
Is it me, or is it just an image,
Shall i run away, or shall i embrace.

It used to be different, quite alive,
And now, look at it, hardly did survive,
All those victories, glories of past,
Is it light or is it shadow they cast.

Look at beauty, lying ahead in full charm,
Praising it, could that be of any harm,
To hell with it, engulf while it lasts,
Its the magic potion, none can craft.

It would always be so silent, so calm,
Follows a feel of sweat on your palm,
And also, ups and downs in your heart,
And what you call love, natures old art.

Oh blind fool, cant you even see,
What a wasted future it would be,
Save them all, all your breath,
As you are destined to love like death.

Its Time To Fly


Its time to go home,
Somewhere i belong,
Somewhere i feel safe,
Somewhere nothing to dare,

Its time to break free,
Running out with a spree,
Nothing to care about,
Like a wild storm cloud,

Its time to rise,
Sharp as golden sunshine,
No one to wait for,
None to take care of,

Its time to get on your feet,
Its time to give up own creed,
Its time like never before,
Its time to put arms back on,

Its time that wont return,
Its ship without wheels to turn,
But hey, hang on, just follow the flow,
When it would be the time, we will let go.

Image Courtesy http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/time%20flies_74682

The Path


To all the positivists, you yourself are living mistruth,
To the rest, I don’t favor negativism either!
Those who favor order, you are missing all the fun,
For the agents of chaos, I am not lured by you either!
Who am I if you ask,
I travel the path opposed, with tools favored,
I adventure while others rest, but destination is peace itself. Period.

Who Am I?


Do I know who I am, Who am I?
What am I in my hands, but who am I?
I am curious, What is my identity?
I wonder, whether I even have any!

You see, many a times asked who are you?
What is response, Name that tags you.
But really! Is this me, is this you, is this we all?
I don’t think its my identity, its mere word after all.

I remember words, its action that define you,
So simple, so elegant, above all so true,
But then I am hit again, that won’t do,
It may define, but hey does it identify you?

I wonder how easy it is for us to give in,
Voids like identity we don’t even bother with,
We take a totally absurd identifier for the job,
Which is as hollow as are our great thoughts!

Identify yourself before time runs out,
The true act to make yourself proud,
Claim what you are, what is rightfully yours,
And legend would be tale of that true hero.

The Way I Am

Way I Am

Come to me, I have a world to show,
Come to me, Before the lights turn off,
Come to me, I am going to fall,
Come to me, I wanna hear you call,

Come to me, Taste the flames of love,
Come to me, Feels the shakes of luck,
Come to me, Fear is taking hold,
Come to me, Before my tears fall,

I forgot, I can’t cry anymore,
I forgot, I can’t ask you more,
I forgot, I am down in hell,
I forgot, You are up in space,

I forgot, I once ran off,
I forgot, You once stood alone,
I forgot, What I asked myself,
I forgot, What I have to save,

Forgive me, I am so afraid,
Forgive me, I got carried away,
Forgive me, I broke your faith,
Forgive me, For this is the way I am.

* Image Source http://www.listofimages.com/bridge-man-fog-dark-3d.html