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In The Despair

Lost days,
Missed weeks,
Past months,
What are you waiting for?

Gloomy heart,
Frozen hands,
Static mind,
What is this rigidity for?

Hollow words,
Grimed smiles,
Fake laughs,
What is this deception for?

Empty eyes,
Prolonged silence,
Lost awareness,
What is this emptiness for?

Wake up from dreams,
Walk up to reality,
Come out from the darkness,
O warrior of eternal light.


Mirror Mirror

Snow White Magic Mirror

Mirror O Mirror,
Tell me who is the biggest fool?
Stupid that you ask,
Certainly its none other but you.

Mirror O Mirror,
Tell me where I can find love?
Curious you seem,
The core of your heart is all,
that you really need to feel.

Mirror O Mirror,
What is it we always forget?
What was never ours yet we have,
What never realized with us,
That part of us, we always forget.

Mirror O Mirror,
What is it that shines the brightest?
When you were without any hope,
When all that you had, seemed to be lost,
What held you, has brightness worthy of boast.

Mirror O Mirror,
Why am I worried, Why am I afraid?
You care for those, who like to fall,
Taste of joy, changes their side,
You are afraid, as they are so blind.

Mirror O Mirror,
Why you look so amazed?
People ask me about themselves,Which force is that drives you,
Is spinning off my Head,
I would answer you, right or wrong,
Would have been right, if only i could,
Shadows of love is where I live,
Trust me dear, as I am a Fool.

*** Image courtesy http://kimskandykreations.blogspot.in/2012/05/snow-white-magic-mirror.html

Want To Know Me


Ask me now,
The way I am feeling,
Ask me now,
What am I really seeking,
Ask me now,
What is really inspiring,
Ask me now,
What always keeps haunting,
Ask me now,
When would I break out free?

And I will say,

My eyes are still wet,
Yet my tears are frozen,
My destination is set,
To amend the paths that are broken,

Loving for life, is what everyone do,
Living for love, keeps inspiring me,
Scary nightmares, doesn’t break my cool,
Failing own wish, keeps haunting me,

Ah here we are,
Time to talk of freedom,
Let me rise, brighter let me shine,
On the edge of lost and found, I will break free.

Lizzie Velásquez : “The World’s Ugliest Woman?” Not any more

A post worth sharing, a motivation each child must have. It reminded me of a child abuse advertisement here is a worth watch video of that



Lizzie Velásquez : “The World’s Ugliest Woman?” Not any more.

What I Offer?

What do I have to offer? Let me tell you all,
I offer part of my soul to answer your call,
I am not single man, I am divided into two,
I have my freedom, yet I responsibilities too,
My poems symbols of freedom, my codes are of work,
My beats symbol of bond, while my heart is of love,
My legs act for progression, while hands of retention,
My brain half for memorization, half for invention,
Listen to feelings, cries and laughs, I devote my ears,
While I devote my eyes to duty, not letting job disappear,
I want to be heard, all over world; my voice to get spread,
I only want value to work, not myself; I really don’t need fame,
I want a fresh and pure rain onto this now dirty earth,
Humanity burnt heavily, healing which is real worth,
Its not just me, who has words, neither I have the power,
Its we, Its us, who can mould back the weapons into flower,
Stand up with me, Hold me tight, Lift me up to the height,
Where we belong, where one and are there, are equal in sight,
All that differs is their works, their deeds, their thoughts,
And all things are normalized, and they don’t have many costs.

* Language of video doesn’t matter, I myself watched it muted 🙂
** This is devoted to all my readers, in an attempt to explain why I keep writing, yet rarely read their works. Hope it makes all your hearts get lighter, yet stronger.

Deep Into Dark


Let the darkness in your heart grow,
And all the light for once let begone,
Let the creatures of dark forest howl,
With all the pretty chirping forgotten,
Let the body fall from sky up high,
Forgetting what depth really means,
Let the soul indulge into lusty dreams,
Leaving respect of morals fell behind,
Break the glass of rules in the front,
Forgetting the limits it was built for,
Let the animal inside you roar aloud,
No matter how fearsome it will sound,
Let yourself sink into wide ocean of thoughts,
Forget what your brain is up there for,
When you are the animal inside,
Roaring inside his forest in a dark night,
Sunk into depth, fallen from height,
Caught up in lust, with soul almost lost,
O my dear, remember all you need is a little push,
And all will be back, only light where ever you look.

Away With Love


Let me pinch you,
To wake you up, its not time to sleep,
Let me hit you,
To warm you up, but don’t you now weep,

Far away I will take you,
We aren’t safe here any more,
To the end I will hold you,
No one can break my will, I am sure,

I took fire in my hand,
Other hand full of chilling ice,
To burn our enemies is first hand,
Cool it for you, other will suffice,

For long we have been haunted,
By these monsters of men, haters of love,
No longer would our love be hunted,
We will perish them, as they now deserve,

Hold me my dear, hold me tight,
Soon we are going to The Legendary fight.

* Everything except lover is there in picture. Though picture shows a possibility of bad ending, or start of running away.