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Castle of Harbinger

dark castle Asrah
Shifting through the shadows,
Amidst formidable terror,
She makes her way,
To the heart of all evil.

Step by step into the void,
Inch by inch with fear and agony,
Pushed by will, into a dark world,
Armed with desire, she is firm.

Venturing where stars don’t shine,
Moon lost forever in clouds,
Sun is blood red, drenched in past,
Yet she presses on, for the destiny awaits,

Glimpses of the elders strike her,
A breeze in the middle of abyss,
Trees amidst far spread desert,
People wandering over the fallen,

And then she snaps out from past,
Confronts the harbinger of death and misery,
Now is her moment,
Moment of truth, moment of revenge.

P.S. – I am trying to write a story line about a girl named Asrah, this is a starting point. I am trying to write in free verse, no rhyme restriction, just plain story, with little saying most left to reader’s imagination.


Maternal Love


There is a nice cute story,
Once in jungle lived a bunny,

Had soft, smooth, shiny fur,
Best of all he had caring mother,

In day, out of home he will always go,
Out of sights for minutes, mom will call,

He was upset, for he couldn’t play,
He never knew of dangers out there,

One day, he couldn’t any more resist,
Outside home, he planned to visit,

Freedom, O dears, isn’t it beautiful,
Away from home till dusk, was that fool,

Grew the darkness, hunters woke up,
Little bunny with fear, was now covered up,

This is when he hears a familiar voice,
“Come with me son”, he was full of rejoice,

This is when they saw, monster coming,
Without own, mother was nowhere going,

She made a strong, loud war cry,
Even death itself stopped, while passing by,

For a cry of mother, can’t just go in vain,
To their rescue, whole jungle did came,

Happily they left, with thoughts in bunnies head,
Now he knew, A Mother is always there, when child needs a hand.

Need is Beauty not Want

stag reflection

All is dark, I can’t see any light here,
All I see is moon’s devil laugh above there,
Suddenly out of my worries, I feel amused,
On my reaction naughty moon feels abused,

Oh yes dear he must be, for what he did to me,
I laughed since he can’t move, just wait and see,
I can’t find light, sure I am very weak due to this,
But I can create fire, to walk through this abyss,

Yet my laugh, my joy all of a sudden is gone again,
Came an old childhood story into my little brain,
Story is quite elegant and simple, full of beauty,
Retell it to all I feel now as my essential duty,

Long back once lived a stag full with sarcasm,
Who only looked at world’s beauty, never the necessity,
Seeing own reflection will praise his beautiful horns,
Cursing his legs at same time, destroying perfect beauty,

Amidst these thoughts he saw wild hounds coming behind,
Ran fast as much he could, took shelter where he could find,
All his beliefs changed, he could saw his legs need,
It were legs that let him from trouble to get rid,

Yet he still was blind towards his beauty, still had pride,
Quickly hounds approached the place, that he used to hide,
He ran again, only to get her beautiful horns stuck into a bush,
He couldn’t escape, it didn’t matter how much he did tried to pull,

See the world the way creator sees O my dear fellows,
Time wouldn’t return back to you once it has gone,
Where you see beauty, see the real beauty of need,
Not the notion of beauty which is sole base of greed.

My first and probably best story

There was a boy, very brave, very shy, very honest, yet very decisive in his words and actions. He was enjoying mother nature each day, a different and beautiful day. As the time went on he came up near a beautiful garden. Forward he went on into more and more beautiful places, plucking flowers, eating fruits. He kept going on, never looking back even for once, went on with all enjoyments in his mind. With time the boy grew, garden merged in forest, and boy started to realize slowly that all beuty was fading away. He enjoyed beauty but forgot to nurture what comforted him, what gave him joy & happiness. He meets with an angel during these incidents and they were together for a very short span of time, but see the trickery of time everything other than his heart pushed him off into dark forest, far away from his angel. All beauty that was left into boys heart also faded with time in these drastic moments of time. For years he kept seeing misery, pressure, darkness, depression, sorrow and total emptiness. And soon he takes courage and sets off to bring that old beauty back. It wasn’t so easy, and still isn’t. What you sow, so shall you ripe, it became pretty clear to our boy, but our boy was strong, holding a torch of hope in this utter darkness. On his mission to bring beuty back, he finds his angel again. Beutiful than ever, more smarter, most importantly much more caring and loving than she was ever before. Boy doesn’t know in what way she loves him, only thing he is sure about is there are no words in this world that can explain her love, no relation made by any human which has that love, it can’t be just felt from the soul. The angel doesn’t show, neither she will say, her mind keeps telling her heart the opposite way, keeping its voice down, but someday it will come out. While boy’s love is still expressable, all is matter of time, and words of his mind and dreams. If angel’s love isn’t expressable on this earth, boy surely will see it whenever they meet after death. But for now he has to bring that beauty back. If not for his pleasure, its must for his deeds, what he took from angel, which she could have if he had listened to his heart. So boy starts sowing seeds of flowers and fruits, and cutting down weeds and thorns. He will keep doing it, till he can do it, till he has hope that these will grow up and make everything beautiful, till the beauty is back and much more than before. So says the angel that its too late for this, beuty is gone and can’t be brought back. She says so because she cares deeply for boy and can’t see him working very hard on world’s toughest task possible for boy. But boy is rigid on its late but its not too late. He is rigid on bringing back beuty, even if it consumes his whole life. He believes he will succeed because he knows there is still seeds of happiness left inside him to do what he wants and is needed. He knows it was his actions that led angel and him to this situation, and he is responsible to undo what is done in best possible way. As a message for the angel trying to stop him from straining himself, he has took an oath to not take a break untill he gets his job done.