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Dull Lines


I see them blur,
Time goes on.
I see them fade,
Life goes on.

Is the end nigh,
Who knows.
Is there any hope,
Just despair flows.

Senses have gone numb,
Whats there to come.
When is it gonna shine,
While I keep losing my grasp.

Is it the ultimate test,
Or is it the ultimate answer?
Am I the one confused,
Or have I just enlightened?

I saw the colors,
Which are no more.
I thrive while being loved,
Yet the void gets ever bigger.


In The Despair

Lost days,
Missed weeks,
Past months,
What are you waiting for?

Gloomy heart,
Frozen hands,
Static mind,
What is this rigidity for?

Hollow words,
Grimed smiles,
Fake laughs,
What is this deception for?

Empty eyes,
Prolonged silence,
Lost awareness,
What is this emptiness for?

Wake up from dreams,
Walk up to reality,
Come out from the darkness,
O warrior of eternal light.

Who Am I?


Do I know who I am, Who am I?
What am I in my hands, but who am I?
I am curious, What is my identity?
I wonder, whether I even have any!

You see, many a times asked who are you?
What is response, Name that tags you.
But really! Is this me, is this you, is this we all?
I don’t think its my identity, its mere word after all.

I remember words, its action that define you,
So simple, so elegant, above all so true,
But then I am hit again, that won’t do,
It may define, but hey does it identify you?

I wonder how easy it is for us to give in,
Voids like identity we don’t even bother with,
We take a totally absurd identifier for the job,
Which is as hollow as are our great thoughts!

Identify yourself before time runs out,
The true act to make yourself proud,
Claim what you are, what is rightfully yours,
And legend would be tale of that true hero.