The Adventures of Champ

Okey, so this is the page for story I an intending to tell through my poems.
Ever wondered why all the time Champ is always at some random location, if not still let’s answer this. Key to answer is in The Matrix,
That means nothing of the events are on reality but they have impacts on real life. Now question arises whether there are machines or not. No simply not, events are on dream world of Champ, Joe and other characters ( Othe characters are going to be included soon ). So if there are in dreamland then how can they be together. Answer  to this question is in The Inception. They are dreaming together.

So the story continues in the dreams of Champ.
In the journey begins Champ meets Joe for the first time, he convinces her to come with him. Together they go to his office in one of their dreams, and sleep together after knowing about each other. Next time in their dream they woke up in open fields near a forest which is between their way back to the city, but they problem is city is only place where they can sleep and the forest is taken by a monster which they encounter while passing through the forest. While sneaking up the enemy they see a shining sword which catch Champ’s eyes on a lightning. So they plan to take sword as an advantage. Although they do not know true identity of legendary weapon which God chose for their rescue. So hold yourselves and see how story goes, there are great things to come.


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